Taxi from Stotfold to Heathrow Airport - £90


Before you decide to take a taxi from Stotfold to Heathrow airport which other form of transport could you use? Let's just briefly look at some of the possibilities. Do you take the car, catch a train, get a coach or get a local Stotfold taxi service such as Central taxis Stotfold?

Well, the first option to take the car depends partly on how much you value the ease of loading up the car, that just there in the drive, and heading off in good time and feeling in control. That's a nice way to start the journey. But how comfortable will you feel when you reach the M25 and the traffic is heavy and fast - people swapping lanes, drivers honking, you're in the wrong lane for the exit you want to take, it's pouring with rain and the lorry in front is crawling up the hill at 50mph. Feeling tense now? For Central taxis Stotfold tall this comes easy, but if you're not used to the M25 motorway it can be quite stressful. It seems that all the rules have gone out the window and it's every man for himself. And when you're nearing the airport you can't find the car park, the signs don't help and the sat nav is doing pirouettes. So, from the happy relaxed feeling you had when setting off in your own car has vanished. You are now agitated and stressed and if you're with your spouse, you are probably blaming each other - "I said left not right!" etc. If you find the right car park, and there are many, you might just make your flight but what a start to that lovely holiday.

You could choose the second option - catch the train. It may be cheaper than a taxi to heathrow from Stotfold but it gets more expensive the more of you there are. Here's how it goes: You wait with your luggage for the taxi to pick you up to take you to the train station. He arrives a little late and you start to feel that slight twinge of anxiety. Okay, he arrives, you load up the boot, you get to the station in the nick of time as long as you don't need to queue for a ticket. The luggage is starting to feel a little heavy as you drag it to the platform. You scan the notice boards to see when your train is coming and if you're on the right platform. Assuming your on the right platform when the train arrives, you lug your cases onto the crowded carriage apologising to everyone you pass, you end up standing because there are no seats left. You still paid the full fare but nobody cares but you. What a selfish load of commuters - and don't they look happy? So, you get to Kings Cross, lug your cases by foot to Paddington station (without cases it takes about 4 minutes). Catch the heathrow express at Paddington. When you arrive at heathrow terminal 5 you have another trek that would usually take 8 minutes without luggage, but depending on how heavy your cases are will take a bit longer. If everything goes swimmingly, you will arrive at the heathrow terminal in about 2 hours - not including the taxi to the station. It's not cheap and it's not fun!

Let's look at option three take the coach. Yes, it's cheaper than the train and cheaper than the taxi to heathrow airport. But are you willing to pay for a taxi early in the morning to get to the National Express bus stop. Stand around in whatever the weather (probably wind and rain) hoping you're at the right stop going to heathrow and not the other direction. When the coach finally arrives you load up your cases find your seat next to the dribbling fat man fast asleep, squeeze past him far too intimately, sit in your window seat bolt upright. And this is how you're going to stay for the next two and a half hours. With the fat man now lolling on you and snoring like a hippo. Should you wake him up to stop him invading your space? But then he might try to start a conversation with you which would last for the duration of the journey and then he might suggest you stay in touch! This could really happen!

Option number four - call Central taxis! We provide a door to door service and have been doing so for literally decades. We have never been late for an early morning heathrow transfer. In fact there have been a few cases when we have had to wake certain customers up for their trip because they had either forgotten about it or their alarms hadn't gone off! We'll put your luggage in the boot whilst you settle in the back. We'll drive smoothly and carefully so as not to disturb you, whether you want to sleep or get on with emails etc. Many customers fall asleep on their way to the airport and we take this as a compliment for our smooth driving. We'll drop you off right outside the terminal, find you a trolley, if you need one. And that's it - no stress, no rush, no getting cold and wet, no confusion with road signs and no arguing with the spouse. So, for your next trip from Stotfold to heathrow airport or heathrow to Stotfold make the choice that makes sense - Central taxis! 


Christina Boss


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I have been using Central Taxis for a while now and only have good things to say about them. Ivars and Christina run a friendly and reliable service. They care about their customers and always go out of their way to help. I would give them 6 stars! I highly recommend them.


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