A taxi from Letchworth to Luton Airport £35 - £45 


letchworth to luton taxi driver


For a taxi from Letchworth to Luton airport, choose Central taxis Letchworth. luton to Letchworth is a popular airport run, mainly thanks to the lure of low priced carriers. So, we like to add to the ease of your business trip or holiday by taking the stress from you, whether you going from Letchworth to luton airport or vice versa. If you’re flying out soon, start your trip with a comfortable, stress-free ride with Central Taxis Letchworth! We will provide a Licensed Letchworth taxi that is fully insured and driven by a driver with a legal license from North Herts District council.


Now here's a few important points to bear in mind when getting a taxi from luton to Letchworth. There are hundreds of Hackney carriage and private hire drivers in this populous city. A large number of Uber drivers operate in this town even though luton does not License Uber. The nearest cities that grant licenses for Uber are London or Cambridge. Quite a way from luton. This has become a bit of a grey area where the law stands on the legality of being issued a license by one authority but then to wholly work in another licensing district many miles away. In fact almost 4000 registered private hire drivers have addresses outside of london even as far away as Bradford and Cardiff. And from letters in 2018, which were released by the Mayor of London's Office, also revealed there were 747 Transport for London registered private hire drivers in Birmingham and 378 in Bristol. It used to be the case that the licensing authority was there to protect the passenger within the same jurisdiction of the same authority. So, a job from a passenger can only be accepted if the vehicle, the driver and the booking are under the jurisdiction of the same authority. Insurance companies will always ask for the documentation to prove where the taxi driver and vehicle are licensed. So, if the insurance companies wanted to, they could, in the event of an insurance claim, refuse to pay out because the driver and taxi are not working in the area  they are licensed for. Neither does the journey begin or end in the area they are licensed and insured for. For example your taxi from luton airport to Letchworth Garden City or vice versa. Technically speaking, if the driver and taxi do not have a license for the area they are mainly working in, they are not insured! And now that everything is recorded digitally, it would be easy to prove in court that the driver had never worked in an area he was licensed and insured for. This is definitely something to bear in mind if you choose to travel with Uber and similar 'in the cloud' companies. So, always book with a company that is licensed by the same authority that the either journey starts or end in! That's the moral of the story.

So, always book with Central taxis Letchworth and be safe and sure that you have chosen a legal Letchworth taxi service. 

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I have been using Central Taxis for a few years now. Nothing has ever been too much trouble to accommodate either my short or long journeys during this time and for me the reliability aspect is key for peace of mind.


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