Taxi from Letchworth to Heathrow airport - £90

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Book the taxi Letchworth people trust! For a service that's superior and cheaper than Uber, you have found are the safest, most convenient and cost effective way to get to the airport with Central Taxis Letchworth. There are no extra charges for either pickups or drop offs. When picking you up at the airport we don't charge for waiting time if your flight gets delayed and we don't charge parking charges - no matter how long we wait. For more than a decade we have been serving the area and we can provide you a taxi letchworth people prefer over any other taxi firm, especially Uber, for their airport transfers. We find it easy to please our customers because we love our work. We keep our cars fresh and clean and well maintained. We will make your taxi from Letchworth to Heathrow airport easy and comfortable. So, when booking a taxi in Letchworth remember to choose the airport transfer specialists that business professionals trust!

For a taxi Letchworth business customers deserve, you have found the right company. We always arrive in a clean, well maintained, modern vehicle driven by a polite and respectful professional taxi driver who knows the rules of the road. The driver is aware of all road conditions and the responsibility he has of driving you safely to your destination. We don't allow any drivers to speed or break the highway code. It's as if they are driving to pass their advanced driving test. And we like to treat all our customers as the vips that they are and your taxi will be the cleanest taxi in Letchworth.  So, whether you are on your way to Tenerife for some sun or to Munich on business, you are all vips to us

For a reliable taxi in Letchworth, choose the taxi service most other people trust! Have you ever had the experience that your taxi driver turns up late or not at all? This is one experience you won't want to repeat and you will never have with us. We can guarantee that we have never been late for a customer and have never forgotten to turn up. Even thinking about his scenario will cause you stress. There's no need to fret about such events with Central Taxis Letchworth - it has never happened and never will. For your peace of mind, read through the reviews of all the companies that advertise in the area as a 'taxi service in Letchworth' and then read Central Taxis Letchworth's reviews! They speak volumes. First of all, most of them are based in far away towns - not a taxi in Letchworth, and their reviews are either lacking or "iffy" to say the least. Not to blow our own trumpet but we believe in honesty and some companies just don't deliver like we do!


Taxi in Letchworth with card payments


For a taxi in Letchworth with card payments, book with Central Taxis Letchworth! Long before Covid-19 arrived on the scene and introduced 'social distancing' we were already accepting card payments - not for hygiene reasons but for the passenger's convenience. It just makes sense that if you are travelling to the airport from Letchworth Garden City, you probably won't be carrying a big bundle of cash to pay for your taxi. Unlike some other taxi services in Letchworth we won't expect you to stop off at a cash machine to draw out your taxi fare. Also, for our regular customers we do invoicing, pay online or over the phone. We are very flexible!


Please call us on 01462 290000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Let us make your journey easy!


Christina Boss


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I've been using Central Taxis for all of my personal and business airport runs for the last few years and can honestly say they offer the best, most reliable and friendliest service I've ever used, and most importantly at an incredibly good price too.


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