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The first thing that comes to most people's mind when you need to get from Letchworth to heathrow airport is - traffic! The M25 is infamous for traffic jams at any time of the day. Be it from a breakdown or an accident, it happens every day at any time. And driving back from heathrow to Letchworth is exactly the same. There's a good reason it has been derogatorily named "Britain's biggest car park!" So, the best way to travel this route is with Central taxis Letchworth. With our mature and experienced drivers we usually manage either direction in just under an hour - without speeding or breaking the highway code. We know all the shortcuts and back routes to get you from Letchworth to heathrow in good time without the stress of driving. Incidentally, I read that it would take one hour and 40 minutes to drive round the entire M25 at 70mph if there were no other traffic on the road. but there always is. Even at 3am in the morning when roadworks are being carried out you can still run into a jam or extremely slow speed limits.

Imagine you've just got off a flight and taken an hour to get through passport control and collect your luggage. It's now 2am and you still have to collect your car from the parking (wherever that muddy field is!) and drive jetlagged and half asleep from heathrow to Letchworth along the M25. There are racers, road ragers, idiots and speed cameras. At one part of the motorway, the exit for terminals 4 and 5, four lanes widen into lane lanes where some drivers (probably distracted by Facebook and oblivious to other road users) panic, swerve across multiple lanes, barely making exit. No wonder there are accidents. The racers (without a blue light) come right up behind you within an inch of your bumper whilst you are driving at the maximum speed, they expect you to pull into the hard shoulder so that they can zoom past at 120mph. We don't do racing, we don't do swerving, we don't do yacking on the phone whilst at the wheel. We don't do dangerous. We do safe, calm and comfortable!

And when it comes to price, we are far cheaper than Black cabs, Addison Lee and even Uber! I know a customer who used to get addison lee with his company. He saw the bill one day and it was almost 3 times what Central Taxis Letchworth charge. Black cabs too, charge at least double the amount Central Taxis Letchworth charge. Uber claim to be cheap but when it comes to long distances like airport runs they are either on par with us or higher - plus they charge you for parking and waiting time! We never charge for waiting or parking. The price we give you before your journey is the price we charge at the end - no more and no less. We think it's only fair to be upfront with the fair!

Most of all we believe that we are the best choice when it comes to getting to heathrow - door to door! You can sit back and relax whilst our drivers do what they do best. You might even fall asleep - our early morning customers regularly fall asleep because they feel safe (and tired) and we take that as a compliment.


So, travel safely by calling 01462 290000 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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