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For a taxi from Ashwell to Heathrow airport, choose the company that other people trust. From business travellers to holiday makers we are the Ashwell taxi service you can rely on. You can rely on us for our punctuality, our great cars and respectful drivers. All our taxis are under 5 years old and undergo a strict annual mot as demanded by the licensing officer at North Herts council. No car is to have any advisories or accident damage. So, you can be sure you're getting a high quality taxi vehicle for your trip from Ashwell to heathrow. Each vehicle is thoroughly checked by the licensing officer above and beyond a normal mot which includes checking for rips, interior damage and dirt. Our cars are always clean and fresh so that you can relax knowing you are going to leave the taxi as clean as you entered. North Herts Council is one of the strictest councils in the country to obtain a taxi vehicle license due to it high standards.

If you choose a taxi that perhaps is not licensed by NHDC, you may end up in a taxi that is not fit for purpose. I would go so far to include Luton Borough Council as having a much lower standard than NHDC when it comes to the age of vehicles, interior condition including cleanliness, and accident damage. I'm not sure about mechanical soundness of said vehicles but I have seen and heard some right old bangers in luton. I'm telling you this because many luton taxi firms advertise in this area as Airport taxis Ashwell or Baldock. Keep away! I would advise you to check which council they are licensed by and don't just go for a lower price. There's also the grey area related to the legality and insurance by travelling in a taxi that is licensed in a completely different area and whose journey does not start or end in their licensing area. It's something the government is looking into since the rise of online taxi companies such as Uber.

No Uber taxis are licensed by NHDC nor even luton Borough Council. I can't imagine a licensing authority with lower standards than luton Borough Council. The nearest authorities that license Uber taxis are Cambridge and London although they operate freely outside of their licensing zones. And luton is swamped by them. Sadiq Khan said in 2018 there were almost 4000 of them operating wholly outside their London and the reason they got banned in the first place was mainly because there were over 14,000 times a passenger has got into an Uber car and the person they thought was driving them wasn't that driver. I personally still don't trust Uber even though they have got their license back because I believe there are too many ways round a system if you are really determined to cheat. A pair of twins could manage it or people who share the same name. But literally thousands of Uber taxis which are licensed by Transport for London are registered at addresses as far away as Brighton and Leeds. This means none of their journeys start or end anywhere near their licensing authority's area - so, are they technically insured? Would the insurance company pay out if you were involved in a serious accident or would they argue that the driver wasn't operating within the area he was licensed for? We'll have to see how things pan out.

So, what's my point? My point is that you should always hire a truly local taxi company that's licensed by the local licensing authority. There are a few around, some better than others and some not so good. Central taxi would like the chance to show you how we are different from the average taxi company. We are actually as cheap as Uber when it comes to airport transfers especially when picking you up from heathrow to Ashwell. Other companies charge you for waiting time if your flight is delayed and car park charges. We include all these charges in the original price with no hidden charges. Now, instead of us blowing our own trumpet anymore, please read our glowing customer reviews on Google to see what they say about us!


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By Christina Boss.

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I often travel from Letchworth to Ashwell, primarily following business events in London, and I never use any provider other than Central Taxis. Both Christina and Ivars in particular are consummate professionals - courteous, attentive and simply pleasant to do business with


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