Feeling safe

Tips for women traveling alone by taxi

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Christina Central taxi Letchworth

I can personally assure you that all our lovely drivers at Central taxis Letchworth are completely safe to travel with. They have been Enhanced CRB checked and you you will have no problem with any of them. But if you are in another town or feel uneasy about getting in a cab alone, here are a few tips that may help you.

  1. Look for the taxi vehicle license number in the top left hand corner of the cab’s windscreen.
  2. Check the license plate on the back of the cab. This should display the vehicle number and authorising council.
  3. Make sure the driver has his taxi badge on display and the photo corresponds to his face.
  4. Before getting in, take a photo of the driver and vehicle and send it to a friend.
  5. Always book a licensed taxi in advance!
1. Taxi number in windscreen
2. Taxi license plate
3. Taxi driver license badge